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Multifunctional Apartment

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FST Limited

Image by Max van den Oetelaar

FST Limited

FST Limited is a newly formed company; but the people we have has a vast amount of knowledge, experience, and history in the industry and the market; unlike all the "wannabees" that exist in the market today

Industry people know us, where we come from, and how we all started. Those who do not; that is fine, as long as you can see and understand the wealth of products we bring to the market.


In TODAY'S ever-changing workspace, can you afford not to change with it?

Our efforts are to bring brand(s) and products to the market where it is needed. Our expertise is to teach the market what is the "next best thing" in this ever-changing" work environment.


Come join us to see what we have to offer in the workplace. WORK PODs, Meeting PODs, Glass Partitions, and Various array of BRANDED floor and wall coverings is our Focus.


Any project can be easily financed, FST Limited has partnered with a leading international firm that can help alleviate all your project concerns., pending finance approval and criteria that are met.

Rental programs for All our Work Pods

Please discuss with us what you need; we are open to any suggestions,  sourced or unsourced,  re-location to re-installation, and complete project assistance.

As well as our furniture

 FST Limited can provide rental assistance, if you are not interested in owning the assets,  FST Limited can meet your long and short term needs; pending finance approval.

Award Winning Service

All services come with our 100% service warrantee all according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Manufacturer authorized 

Unlike other vendors out there to whom they claim are authorized.

Why Choose Us

Our ​Feature Brands Include

Did You Know....

Our full range of furniture and building materials includes everything from high-quality woven vinyl to cutting-edge health and people management solutions.

Our full range of FF&E solutions has several hundred high-quality products curated from the collections of more than 50 brands from all over the world.

FST Limited is your only option for Imported Brands

The Imported Brands You Trust offered by FST Limited

Our focus is mainly on " Working Pods", and "Meeting Spaces"; where else can you view and experience "ALL the sizes in one place" but at FST's Showroom? Please call and visit us. Appointments are required 


We also have our glass partitions and unique branded wall and floor coverings products. 

Wooden Furnitures
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